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Backflow Prevention

Backflow prevention ensures that drinking water supplies are not contaminated by another water source or polluted water. Backflow prevention is created by installing a physical barrier between water sources. For example, a correctly operating backflow prevention device or air gap prevents cross contamination between a council water supply and rain, bore or recycled water. There are endless examples requiring such barriers. The type of device required to create a barrier depends on the level of risk associated, should one water source contaminate another.

Correctly installed, tested and maintained backflow devices are essential in protecting the health of your family, employees and the community. These devices may be required by law in plumbing systems in your home and/or business and can require annual testing by law.

Thousands of backflow cases occur every year. Examples of these can be found by conducting an internet search.

If you would like us to test and maintain your backflow device or would like further information, please contact Peter our plumber.

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